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Back then, advertising a certain product or services offered by an business would revolve around using papers such as newspapers, magazines, posters, and many more. As the world progresses, our technology advances too and thus, the internet was born. Today, majority of companies now circulate information about their business through the internet. It does not matter is it is a small business or a huge corporation, they would most likely have their own website where people can visit and learn more about what the company can offer to them from What matters today is how much traffic are people causing on your website, how far have they gone to visit the pages of your website, and the number of people that actually make purchases or set appointments to avail of the services offered. 
The thing here is that most people today only focus on what is going on through the internet and have given little attention to other forms of marketing. They do not know that there is still business to be made even with older forms of communicating with potential customers.
One of the best examples would be the use of telephones. You may think that all the businesses today have done nothing more than use the internet but in reality, they still use the telephone for day to day tasks that need to be done. This is actually still considered as the number one means of communicating to people. Some people think that evaluating this is simply taking notes of the number of calls received but there is more detail need than just that. For one to know their progress or standing in the industry, they must evaluate ever aspect in the phone calls being made or received. This is one way for them to also be able to spot the mistakes they have been doing for further development. 
Because more and more companies have now realized the importance of evaluating their calls on a deeper level, there are also more pay per call companies popping up here and there to assist them. These are the companies that have developed a call tracking software to ease the evaluation process.
Many corporations do not usually develop their own manner of evaluating calls but rather, they hire call tracking companies to do the task for them because they already have the right software needed for the job. With this kind of service, businesses can now easily identify the things that make people want to keep doing business with them and determine the parts that make clients unhappy and would want to just leave. Please learn more on inbound calls tracking at